Suleymanov С.I: “Practical work on a criminal process and criminalistics”

The manual is based on authentic episodes from investigative and judicial practice, procedural documents in criminal cases on serious high-profile crimes, related decisions of the UN Committee on Human Rights and the European Court of Human Rights. Analysis of errors and omissions committed by participants in the process, will prevent their recurrence, to determine the best ways to carry out professional activities in the forensic matching and similar situations.

Judicial systems Europe and Eurasia
(scientific encyclopedic edition)

This volume is the first part of a three-volume scientific and encyclopedic publication on the judicial systems of the states of Europe and Eurasia. This volume deals with the judicial systems of Western and Northern Europe. The second volume presents the judicial systems of the countries of Southern and Eastern Europe, the third volume examines the judicial systems of the countries of the Eurasian region, and also provides a comparative legal analysis of the judicial systems of the countries of Europe and Eurasia, provides general statistical data on judicial systems and an assessment of the effectiveness of the courts for each country .

Zamig Aslanov: “The right to health care as one of the basic constitutional rights of people and citizens”

This monograph is devoted to the analysis of the right to health care as one of the basic constitutional rights of people and citizens.In this monograph, the author extensively explored the concept of health and its protection, the basic principles of health protection, the right to health and the history of development, the nature and content of the right to health, sources of health protection, health protection at the national and international levels, and also as an important condition full guarantee of the right to health protection, as well as prospects for the development of the medical care system.

Moses Becker: The national policy of Azerbaijan in the early twentieth century (on the example of the Jewish community)

The monograph is based on the documents of the State Archive of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the State Historical Archive of Azerbaijan, as well as on the materials of the periodical press and covers in detail the issues of participation of representatives of the Jewish ethnic group in the political, economic and social life of the Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan.

Nazim Jafarli: Comparative Law (textbook)

The textbook contains studies of the concept, subject and essence of comparative law. It reflects the history of occurrence and formation, the process of improvement and methods of comparative law, clarified whether it is a science or a subject of teaching. Analyzed existing legal systems, legal families and, in general, the legal world map. Researched similar and different features of the main legal systems. Considered the role of the Romano-Germanic, Anglo-Saxon and traditional religious legal systems in the world history of law, their integration into the modern globalizing world. Studied the relationship of international and national legal systems, the results of the reasons for their convergence with each other.

Abbas Islamov: “Patmutiun hiotz” Agafangel: the collapse of Armenian history

The book is a critical analysis of the composition of one of the classics of Armenian literature by Agafangel “The History of Hays”. The writing of Agafangel is the only source on the basis of which the myth of the Hai historical tradition was created that in 301 Christianity was declared the state religion of the mythical “hay country” for the first time in history.