M.N.Imanly: Criminal law. Special part

Written in accordance with the criminal law curriculum, this book consists of three parts. The first part explores the system of the Special Part of the Criminal Law of the […]

M.N.Imanly: “Crimes against property”. Textbook

The textbook, based on the corresponding program, is devoted to crimes against property, which is one of the most important sections of criminal law, and is intended for students of […]

Multiculturalism, as the basis of equal opportunities

When we talk about multiculturalism, first of all, we mean the creation of the same conditions for different ethnic groups, languages, and cultures in their diversity and development. As far […]

“Judaism in the Caucasus”

Jews appeared on the territory of modern Azerbaijan after Cyrus II, the Great, established the Achaemenid Empire, which included both Azerbaijani lands and the territory of the former Kingdom of […]