An article by our lawyer “Realization of the right to housing” was published

An article by Emin Dadashev, an employee of our Institute, “Realization of the right to housing”, was published in the collection of materials of the International Scientific Conference on the topic: “History of Science and Science Studies: Interdisciplinary Research”, held by the Institute of the History of Science of ANAS.
The article points out that today the housing problem is one of the problems of socio-economic importance. According to Article 43 of the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated November 12, 1995, entitled “The right to housing”, no one can be illegally deprived of housing. The state stimulates housing construction, takes specific measures to realize the right of people to housing.
In his article, the author notes that residential premises are objects of housing law. The premises are meant as the isolated room which according to the Civil Code of the Azerbaijan Republic is considered real estate and is suitable for permanent residence of citizens (answering to the established sanitary and technical standards and rules, other requirements of the legislation).
The article talks about the importance of settling people in healthy and safe living conditions, as well as taking this into account when building residential areas.