Presentation of the book “personality state miracle…”

The presentation of the book “Personality State Miracle …” by the senior researcher, the doctor of law, Prof. Ali Rzayev was held at the Institute on Law and Human Rights of ANAS on October 17, 2017.

Representatives of the ministries and committees of Azerbaijan, academicians and representatives of mass media attended the event.

The book is characterized by its rich content and its complexity based on the human factor and the logical sequence of secular and religious sciences, it was investigated through historical, social and legal aspects and based on the fact that science and civilization have spread throughout the East.

Here an ideal personality model is formed analyzing the human nature, personality, the place of the soul in the living world, characteristic personality and temperament, status.

The book gives information in an understandable way to the readers about the world famous scientists about the miracles of the Koran and the Sumerians, the influence and contribution of the East to the world civilization and culture, the appearance of all prophets in the East, and thoughts recorded 14 centuries ago in the Koran that were confirmed by scientists only 1400 years later.

In the chapter titled “State Mechanism” analyzes the state system and its elements: the state, state power, public administration and civil service, analyzing the state of sovereignty, legal state and civil society.

The book is rich in historical facts and sources. Based on the relevant sources provided by the author, opinions and ideas delivered to readers without distortion.