M.N.Imanly: “Crimes against property”. Textbook

The textbook, based on the corresponding program, is devoted to crimes against property, which is one of the most important sections of criminal law, and is intended for students of law schools. The book gives an overview of the history of the criminal legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan on the fight against crimes against property, provides a classification of the crimes under consideration and provides a detailed analysis of criminal offenses in this classification. At that time, court practice was used, decisions of the Supreme Court of the Azerbaijan Republic and the Supreme Court of the USSR, statistics on crimes against property in the country, as well as information from the UN High Commissioner on the criminal situation in the world. The book also highlights the issue of regulating property crimes in the criminal law of some foreign countries. The textbook can be used by teachers of law faculties of higher schools, students of law schools, researchers, doctoral students and dissertators, as well as law enforcement officials and people interested in criminal law.

On the way to know yourself and the world

In 2018, a collection of scientific articles was published entitled "On the Way to Know Yourself and the World". The scientific articles of 2017 of doctoral candidates and dissertations of the Institute of Human Rights and Rights of ANAS were published in the collection. The project manager and scientific editor of the collection is the director of the Institute of Human Rights and Human Rights of ANAS, Member of Parliament, Doctor of Law, Professor Ayten Mustafazade.

Ayhan Rustamzadeh, Kenul Mammadova: Legal basis of an electronic court in the justice system (monography)

It is known that people who turn to court face problems related to excessive loss of time, expenses, incompetence of office work, etc. In order to solve the above problems, the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev, signed an order “On the creation of the Electronic Court Information System” dated February 13 of 2014. This decree, having determined the priority directions in the field of judicial reforms, laid the fundamental basis for the development of the judicial system that administers justice in the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Elshad Mirbeshir oglu: Modern terrorism and the problem of international security (monography)

One of the new editions of the Institute of Law and Human Rights is the monograph of Elshad Mirbeshir oglu, a member of the Institute, Ph.D. in Political Sciences, “Modern Terrorism and the Problem of International Security”. As you know, terrorism is today one of the main threats to international security. The high development of information and communication technologies and the arms industry further increased the level of terrorist danger. Thus, terrorist organizations, actively taking advantage of new technological capabilities, have turned into sources of increased danger. From this point of view, the issue related to the fight against terrorism becomes particularly topical.

Khalid Niyazov: State Information Policy and Information Law (monography)

Mankind has entered a new stage of its development - in the era of the information society. The modern information society is manifested as a socio-political, economic and socio-cultural paradigm of the post-industrial period. The state information policy determines the strategic line of state activity in the information sphere. The change in the public relations palette is accompanied by the formation of a system of normative acts that regulate these relations.

Sura Huseynova; European Union in the architecture of European security: experience, prospects and challenges (monograph)

The monograph is devoted to the role of the European Union in the construction of new regional security architecture in connection with the radical changes in the international political and geostrategic situation of the post-bloc world order. A significant aspect of the relevance of the subject of this study proposed to the reader's attention is the scientific need for an analysis of contemporary strategies of leading international actors in the formation of new security architecture in Europe.

Nasib Shukurov: Improvement of juvenile justice and its role in protecting the rights and freedoms of persons under the age of majority (monography)

The monography examines issues related to the recognition of human and citizen rights and freedoms in the Republic of Azerbaijan - the supreme goal of the state, the adoption of one of the most pressing problems of international and domestic law for the protection of the rights and freedoms of persons under the age of majority, with the improvement of the existing regulatory and legal framework in the field of child rights and bringing domestic mechanisms in this area in line with international laws, the need to adopt the law “On Juvenile Justice” and improve the activities of commissions and foundations for the protection of the rights and cases of persons under the age of majority, as well as ensuring the fair decision of juvenile courts in relation to children who have committed offenses.

Aytan Mustafazada,Zamiq Aslanov: Medical law

The textbook was prepared by the Institute on Law and Human Rights of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences with regard to the existing legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the theory of law and many practical problems in the field of health. Presented textbook describes the legal aspects of medical activity in the Republic of Azerbaijan and the protection of the health of the population in modern times, and general character of medical law, protection of health as one of the basic constitutional rights of citizens, the right to life in the context of medical activity, patient rights in the legislation and international practice, medical workers and legal status of doctors...

Aytan Mustafazada ,Nazim Cafarli: Islamic law

The book entitled Islamic Law (in the context of human rights) is published in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated January 10, 2017, in the context of Islam and human rights and freedoms, dedicated to “Year of Islamic Solidarity”. The book examines and analyzes the essence of the Shari'ah and fiqh science, the fundamental features of the rule of law in Arabia on the evolution of Islam, and the fundamental changes in the field of human rights and freedoms.

“The Great Silk Road in the context of geostrategic interests of Azerbaijan”

The book describes the emergence of the Great Silk Road, historical development, its role and influence on intercultural rapprochement and the establishment of interstate relations. The Silk Road played an exceptional role in establishing and developing trade, cultural and other relations among peoples. Even the signs of the process of globalization - the term of the modern era were clearly manifested in the period of the silk way. Thus, the Silk Road played a rather large role in the process of moving cultural values, capital, goods and labor.