Moses Becker: The national policy of Azerbaijan in the early twentieth century (on the example of the Jewish community)

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The monograph is based on the documents of the State Archive of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the State Historical Archive of Azerbaijan, as well as on the materials of the periodical press and covers in detail the issues of participation of representatives of the Jewish ethnic group in the political, economic and social life of the Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan.
The problems of relations between various minorities, both with representatives of the titular nation, and at the level of interethnic interaction are touched upon.The issues of organization, development and improvement of national-cultural autonomy are raised as a fundamental principle in solving problems of natural integration in relation to various ethnic groups and confessional groups within the framework of a single Azerbaijani society.The role of education, language and religious policy of the Azerbaijani state in the process of creating a new cultural and historical community is shown.