Collection “Artificial Intelligence and Robotics labs in the Context of Human Rights”

Collection of "Artificial Intelligence and Robotics labs in the context of Human Rights" is dedicated to the use of artificial intelligence in the existing legal system and its impact on the labor and social sphere, as well as problems arising in connection with the use of modern technology to the public and state security. The publication also discusses the problems that arose as a result of the interaction of artificial intelligence with law, including analysis of issues related to the relevance of the legal regulation of artificial intelligence, related to the relevance of the legal regulation of artificial intelligence, the legal status of artificial intelligence, as well as discussions on granting him rights (duties), the problems of the legal responsibility of artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence and human rights, questions about artificial intelligence, law enforcement and the specialty "Law" are investigated. Along with this, the crucial role of effective legal regulation in determining the right and optimal balance between technological development and ensuring human rights is emphasized.

Abbas Islamov: NONSENSE OF “THE HAY’S HISTORY” by pawstos buzand

This book presents a critical analysis of the composition “The Hay’s History” by Pawstos Buzand, according to the national historical school of modern Armenia, which is considered like “one of the most outstanding monuments of ancient Armenian historiography”. Revealing the true content of “The Hay’s History” , the author of this work proves that this composition was made of absurd, anti-historical fictions devoid of chronology. It does not contain any historically reliable information and does not represent any scientific value.

M.N.Imanly: Criminal law. Special part

Written in accordance with the criminal law curriculum, this book consists of three parts. The first part explores the system of the Special Part of the Criminal Law of the Azerbaijan Republic, the description of crimes and provides a criminal law characterization of all corpus delicti under the sections of the Special Part of the Criminal Code. The second part contains examples of offences described in separate articles of the Special Part of the Criminal Code. The third part contains extracts from decisions of the Constitutional Court of the Azerbaijan Republic on various issues of the Special Part of the Criminal Law and extracts from decisions of the Supreme Court of the Azerbaijan Republic regarding the interpretation of certain provisions of the Special Part of the Criminal Code.

SULEYMANOV C.I. ISMAILOVA S.; RADZHABOVA T.F., TEYMUROV A.A “Human rights and the criminal process: Guidelines for justice legal proceedings”

The fairness of legal proceedings is determined by a complex of factors, the main of which is ensuring human rights and freedoms. The monograph examines the correlations of individual rights and the provisions of the criminal process, the basic concepts, principles and systemic relations, conditions and guarantees of fair correlation. The manual is intended for participants in legal proceedings, scientific and practical workers, students of educational institutions.

Suleymanov C.I. and; Teymurov A. A “Comment for the criminal procedure code of the azerbaijan republic”

The scientific and practical commentary on the fourth section of the Code of Criminal Procedure of the Azerbaijan Republic “Measures of procedural coercion” is intended for the optimal use of the norms in accordance with the intentions of the legislator and the needs of practice. Analysis of errors, contradictions and inaccuracies will allow them to be excluded from law enforcement. For practitioners, teachers and students of law schools, citizens interested in criminal matters.