Suleymanov D.I. and; Teymurov A. A
Comment for the criminal procedure code of the azerbaijan republic

The scientific and practical commentary on the fourth section of the Code of Criminal Procedure of the Azerbaijan Republic “Measures of procedural coercion” is intended for the optimal use of the norms in accordance with the intentions of the legislator and the needs of practice. Analysis of errors, contradictions and inaccuracies will allow them to be excluded from law enforcement. For practitioners, teachers and students of law schools, citizens interested in criminal matters.

Oleg Yuryevich Kuznetsov: State policy of the Heroization of Nazism in Armenia
(Politics – legal and historian – philosophical analysis)

The brochure is devoted to a multivariate assessment of the state policy of the glorification of Nazism, carried out in various forms in the Republic of Armenia since the beginning of the XXI century, when this policy is a legal problem considered from a historical, legal and political science point of view. Based on historical documents previously published and newly identified in the archives of Russia and Azerbaijan, the theme is accentuated on the actions of the Armenian authorities on the heroization of the identity of the Nazi criminal Nzhdeh (Garegin Ter Harutyunyan) and his theory of the guild, which has Nazi and racist content.


The manual is based on authentic episodes from investigative and judicial practice, procedural documents in criminal cases on serious high-profile crimes, related decisions of the UN Committee on Human Rights and the European Court of Human Rights. Analysis of errors and omissions committed by participants in the process, will prevent their recurrence, to determine the best ways to carry out professional activities in the forensic matching and similar situations.