iii. expert council of the institute:

The Expert Council of the Institute, members of which are not only Heads of the Institute’s Departments, but also well-known scholars, lawyers, human rights defenders, public activists of the Republic, has given expert-legal evaluation of topical socio-political events of the country’s life, including:

- parliamentary elections under UN auspices: infringement of state sovereignty of the Azerbaijan Republic and violation of the UN Charter;

- amnesty and clemency - indicators of humanity of the state policy of struggle against criminality;

- American syndrome of double standard;

- Ombudsman.

These materials were published in the following editions: «Dirçəliş – XXI əsr» and «Vozrozhdeniye – XXI vek» journals, the newspapers«Azərbaycan», «Respublika», «Xalq», «Zerkalo», «Yeni Azərbaycan», «Azad Azərbaycan», etc.

- in 2001 at the sittings of the Expert Council of the Institute (ECI) the following issues were discussed:

  • “Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict in the context of the jurisdiction of the European Court for Human Rights” (newspaper “Zerkalo”, February 10, 2001);
  • “Terrorism as a component of the state policy of the Republic of Armenia” (newspaper “Zerkalo”, April 17, 2001);
  • “Principles of establishment of the Ombudsman Institution in the Azerbaijan Republic” (newspaper “Zerkalo”, May 12, 2001).

The proposals of the Expert Council worked out as a result of discussions on the above mentioned topics were forwarded to both official authorities of the Republic and to foreign embassies in Azerbaijan;

- in 2002at the sittings of the ECI the following issues were discussed:

  • “Groundlessness of the conclusions made by CE experts on the presence of ‘political prisoners’ in Azerbaijan” (newspaper “Zerkalo”, January 2002);
  • “Khodjali tragedy as an international crime - a constituent part of a deliberate policy of genocide of the Republic of Armenia against the Azerbaijani people»;

in the framework of the project “International Terrorism – threat to human rights” there was a discussion on “Nuclear programs of international terrorism in the context of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict».