television projects:

  • - Aseries of TV programs on human rights «Hüquq milleniumu» («Millennium of Right»)has been initiated. This project has been implemented with the support of OSCE ODIHR at “Space” independent TV company as a talk-show.The following programs have been broadcasted:
    • What rights do we have?
    • Human Rights and gender,
    • NGOs and human rights,
    • Law enforcement agencies and human rights,
    • Rights of refugees and internally displaced persons,
    • Rights of children,
    • Social and economic rights,
    • Religious and cultural rights,
    • Ecological rights,
    • Freedom of thought and freedom of speech,
    • Rights of the disabled persons
    • Tolerance in Azerbaijan Society

    - “Space” TV channel broadcast a documentary «Council of Europe and European Court of Human Rights» presented to the Institute by the CE Directorate General for Human Rights;

    - On April 14-25, 2001 ABA independent TV channel daily broadcast a political video «International Armenian terrorism threatens humanity» in Azerbaijani, English and Russian;

    - On 12-28 December, 2001 «Space» independent TV channel broadcast 6 programs «Ombudsman: who is he/she?». This project is implemented jointly with the CE Directorate General for Human Rights;

    - April 2010 "Obschestvenniy" channel of the Republic in the program "Be healthy" prepared the TV program "GMO food and food safety";

    - sinceMay 2011Az.TV state television jointly with the Azerbaijan Bureau of UNESCO Chair on Bioethics created the scientific and educational program «Bioethics»which was broadcasted twice a month.

    The following programs were aired:

    • What is bioethics;
    • 18 Session of the International Bioethics Committee of UNESCO;
    • GMO food and safety issues;
    • patients' rights;
    • ethical and legal issues in psychiatry;
    • reproductive medicine in Azerbaijan;
    • rights of seriously ill patients;
    • medical errors - international experience;
    • ecological civilization.

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