Our colleague’s article was published in a prestigious French magazine

The article “The first Christian Church was built in Ancient Azerbaijan” (La première église chrétienne a été construite en Azerbaijaïcan ansien) was published in the prestigious French magazine “Musulmans en France” (Muslims of France). In the article, the author describes in detail the history of the creation of the first Christian churches and temples on the territory of ancient Azerbaijan, the spread of Christianity in Caucasian Albania and the area of its influence, as well as the religious diversity of that time. It is also noted that the XII century can be regarded as a period of revival of Christian architecture in the territory of Azerbaijan. The article also deals with the spread of Christianity in Nagorno-Karabakh and Zangezur.
It should also be noted that this article brought to the attention of European readers the features of pre-Christian, Christian, and Islamic architecture in Azerbaijan, the close and mutual relations between them, and the features of religious architectural art in Azerbaijan.
This article by Hajar Verdieva once again exposes the Armenian lie to Europeans, especially to readers from France, where Armenians are widespread in a wider area.
You can read the article by following the link.