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“The Great Silk Road in the context of geostrategic interests of Azerbaijan”

Author: , 26.10.2017

The book describes the emergence of the Great Silk Road, historical development, its role and influence on intercultural rapprochement and the establishment of interstate relations. The Silk Road played an exceptional role in establishing and developing trade, cultural and other relations among peoples. Even the signs of the process of globalization - the term of the modern era were clearly manifested in the period of the silk way. Thus, the Silk Road played a rather large role in the process of moving cultural values, capital, goods and labor.

In the book, along with the justification of the economic and commercial nature functions of the Silk Road, it is also noted that this path was the main driving force of cultural integration between peoples.  Here, first of all, the historical realities that required the birth of the Great Silk Road were analyzed. It is noteworthy that the Silk Road played a significant role in the creation and strengthening of interstate contacts. One of the main motivations for writing this book was to reveal the socio-economic significance of the road and deeply analyze this direction. Also, the focus is on justifying the importance of the Great Silk Road at the modern stage and how the restoration of this path will make a greater contribution than before.

The book is even more important, because the Great Silk Road project is considered in the context of the geostrategic interests of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Another distinguishing feature is that Professor Lu Bing from China took an active part in the preparation of this book.