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III volume of the book "Leyla Aliyeva: "Justice for Khojaly!" (New strategic model against the international Armenian terrorism)

Author: , 12.06.2014

According to the decision of the Scientific Council of the Institute on Human Rights of NASA the third volume of three-volume monumental work of the writer publicist honored journalist Vasif Samedov and known scientist, professor Rovshan Velizade "Leyla Aliyeva: "Justice for Khojaly!" (New strategic model against the international Armenian terrorism) was published.

In this three-volume book, devoted to the 5th anniversary of The International Awareness Campaign “Justice for Khojaly”, carrying out activity under the leadership of the Vice-President of Heydar Aliyev Foundation Leyla Aliyeva, it is told about the genocide made by the Armenian terrorists, being branch of the international terrorism, in the territory of Azerbaijan in various historical times, in particular, in recent years of the last century by means of Armenia and its helpers in the occupied Nagorno-Karabakh territory, including, the Khojaly settlement. Thus, though the main subject of the book is Khojaly Massacre, actually, this work, as a whole, reflects the Karabakh tragedy with all sharpness and ruthlessness. The presentation of the first two volumes of the book filled with the numerous facts and documents was carried out with wide public participation, and participation of representatives of the state.

One of characteristics of the last volume is that the special attention to the importance of activity of “Justice for Khojaly” movement is paid at national, regional and international levels, special attention to assessment the 5th years results of activity of the International Awareness Campaign “Justice for Khojaly” is emphasized in it. One of the facts drawing special attention to the third volume of the book is that thoughts about historic facts of scientists of Armenian origin are noted in it. So, these representatives of the intellectuals brought rigid charges against the Armenian colleagues, having declared that they in their research works and print media of that time distorted the historical truth. In the last volume of the book part of these articles is presented as an example.

The importance of this three-volume book presented to the general public, for our modern history and culture is indisputable.