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Azerbaijan realities

Author: , 01.07.2013

The book basing on the works of Western authors and archival documents focuses on the issues of resettlement of Armenians in the South Caucasus, their activity as a part of the Ottoman Empire, Special Transcaucasian Committee, Transcaucasian Commissariat, Transcaucasian Seim, genocide against Muslim Turks civilians by Armenian military forces in Baku, Shamakhi, Guba, Lankaran, Zangezur, Irevan, Urmia, Maku and Khoy in 1918-1920. The Tiflis and Ganja periods of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, movement of Azerbaijan Salvation by Caucasus Islamic Army, anti-Azerbaijani policy of the Baku Council of People's Commissars, entry of British forces in Baku, formation of the Azerbaijani Parliament, internal and external policies of ADR, participation of the Azerbaijani delegation at Paris Peace Conference, and the capture of ADR by Soviet Russia have been investigated.

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