V. Participation of Institute employees in International Conferences


– Human rights in European community (Ankara, December, 1999);

– Round table of heads of human rights defenders organizations of the CIS countries and Baltic states (St. Petersburg, October, 2000);

– Integration prospects at the eve of millennium (Minsk, December, 2000);

– Human rights protection in the Caucasus: role of society and authorities (Sochi, April, 2001);

– Peace and development in the Caucasus (Moscow, May, 2001);

– 7th Session of UNESCO on bioethics and human rights (Paris, September, 2001);

– 7th Round Table of European Ombudsmen (Zürich, November, 2001);

– Development of the Parliamentarism in Central Asian countries and Azerbaijan: 10 years of experience and future (Bratislava, December, 2001);

– Problems of combating terrorism. Military aspects (Moscow, June, 2002);

– NATO workshop “Experience of cooperation of GUUAM countries” (Germany, July, 2002);

– NATO workshop “Security problems in the Caucasus region” (Austria, August, 2002);

– Legal aspects of combating terrorism (USA, July, 2002);

– Combating terrorism at the modern stage (Brussels, November, 2002);

– Bioethics and human rights (Lithuania, November, 2002).

– International courses “International human rights and humanitarian law” organized by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (Georgia, April 24 - May 8, 2004);

– Political – economic development of the Black Sea region (Albania, June 3-8, 2004);

– Summit of the Transcaucasian Parliamentary Initiative conducted on the initiative of the European Union in the framework of the EC program “New neighbours” (Bulgaria, July 1-4, 2004);

– Summer school on human rights organized by the Institute of human rights and humanitarian law (Sweden) (Baku, August 9-20, 2004);

– Seminar organized in the framework of mutual exchange of the programs for mass media employees (USA, September 18 – October 24, 2004);

– Change of elite and elections in CIS countries (Moscow, April 27-28, 2005);

– UNESCO international conference: "Bioethics courses: subject, methods, trends". UNESCO Bioethics Committee, Zefat, Israel, May 2010;

– IV UNESCO International Forum on human rights, Nantes, France, June 2010;

– 18th Congress of World Association of Medical Law (WAML), August 2010, Zagreb, Croatia;

– 10th Congress on legal medicine & forensic science, Noida, India;

– At the invitation of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences the leadership of the Institute was in Beijing, in January 2011 a cooperation agreement was signed;

– Annual meeting of the American Association of Medical Law. Las Vegas (USA), February 2011;

– Strategic partnership of Turkey, Istanbul, Turkey, February 2011;

– 18th Congress of International Association of Forensic Sciences, Portugal;

– Annual OSCE Meeting on human indicators, Warsaw;

– III Congress of the European Association of Health Law, Lenen, Belgium, October 2010;

– At the invitation of the Institute of Contemporary International Relations of the People's Republic of China the leadership of the Institute was in Beijing, in November 2011 a cooperation agreement was signed.

– The annual Congress of the American Medical Law Association in New Orleans (USA), February, was attended by Director of IHR, Master of Laws A. Mustafayeva and Deputy Director of IHR MD, Professor V.Mammadov;