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Moisey Bekker: Tolerance starts from childhood, but evolved over the centuries

International experts have already named the year of Islamic solidarity in our country is truly a significant event, which highlights the leading role of the state in the promotion of idea of tolerance, peace, tolerance and secularism. According to them, these values are contrary to such negative phenomena as extremism, radicalism, obscurantism, which are the result of serious gaps in education, social policy - which is the reason of Azerbaijan’s guidance as the Islamic solidarity and multiculturalism.

The historian-anthropologist, a political scientist, a senior researcher at the Institute on Law and Human Rights, member of the board of the Baku religious community of Georgian Jews Moisey Becker spoke about this and other issues. He emphasized that it is important to overcome the intra-contradictions that tear the Muslim countries apart.

He stressed that especially it concerns the conflict between Sunnis and Shia and escalates into a large-scale confrontation, which involve the major powers. A visit of Pope Francis to our country probably is one of the confirmations of the above-mentioned issues.

According to media, even the Armenians want to return to Azerbaijan. Commenting on this Moisey Bekker said: “I think that many of those who left because of the circumstances in Azerbaijan still remember the "golden” years of their stay in our country and, I believe, they tell the grandchildren about how it really was.”