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Student scientific-practical seminar


  April 12, 2017at Institute of Law and Human Rights of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences held the student scientific-practical seminar. This seminar was attended by students specialized in Law and Political Science  from Political Management faculty of  Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Law, International Relations and Historyfrom Baku State University, Regional Studies and International Relations from Azerbaijan University of Languages , and Regional Studies from Western University .

During the seminar students showed presentations and discussed such topics as "Amendments to the Constitution (2002, 2009, 2016)", "Human Development Index and its Analysis", "The Right to Life", "Azerbaijani-American Relations".

The seminar was attended by Deputy Director of the Institute of Human Rights prof. L. Akhmedova, Scientific Secretary S. Garamollayeva, Head of the Department of State and Constitutional Law A. Rustamzade, Head of the Department of International Relations and Human Rights E. Mirbashiroglu, Head of the Department of Education and External Relations Rajiv Gurbanov  and Head of Public Relations Department L. Mamedova.