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International Workshop on “Protecting Migrant Workers' Rights and Encouraging Integration”


TAIEX Workshop on Protecting Migrant Workers' Rights and Encouraging Integration organised in co-operation with the Institute on Human Rights of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences and European Union has been held on May 05-06, 2016.

The main aim of the Workshop is the exchange of experience between Azerbaijan and the European Union member states in order to enhance the experience of relevant state bodies in the field of preotection the rights of migrant workers and their integration into society. The Public Officials dealing with migrant workers' rights, mainly Representatives of the Scientific Research Institute on Human Rights, the State Migration Service, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the State Statistical Committee, the Knowledge Foundation, the State Administration Academy, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Population, the State Border Service, the National Academy of Sciences and the Ombudsman's Institution participated at the event.

In the opening remarks, Dr. Lala Ahmadova, deputy director for scientific affairs of the Scientific-Research Institute on Human Rights spoke about the problem of migration in the world, and highlighted that in recent years the flow of migrants to Europe as a result of the war and continuing violence in the Middle East, especially in Syria would lead to socio-economic disorder in the future. She also said that theinhuman treatment against Syrian migrants and refugees in Europe should be regarded as a serious violation of human rights. Although refugees and internally displaced persons comprised 1/7 of the country's population Azerbaijan has been able to solve this problem without violating rights when faced the influx of migrants 20 years ago. In her speech, Lala Ahmadova mentioned the significance of the exchange of experience between European Union and Azerbaijan in the field of protecting migrant workers' rights and encouraging integration.

Dr. Rasim Aghasiyev,  representative of Law and Human Resources Department of the Presidium of ANAS spoke about the measures taken in Azerbaijan in the field of migrant workers' rights and gave information about the current situation. Oktay Samadov, the executive Director of the Knowledge Foundation under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan mentioned in his speech that to solve the problem of migrant workers is one of the important problems in the world.

Local experts and experts from the European Union had speeches on the topics such as “Migrant workers' rights in the Republic of Azerbaijan: the state of play”,  “International Protection: International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of Their Families and the EU legal framework”, “Protecting migrant workers' rights in practice in in Lithuania, relating both to legal labour migrants and clandestine workers”, “Migrant workers: legal provision, social protection and protection of the rights of family members in the Republic of Azerbaijan”, “EU legislation and best practices on issuing work permits for highly skilled workers from third countries” etc.

Various aspects of protecting migrant workers' rights and encouraging integration issue were disscussed, the participants expressed their proposals and opinions on the discussed issueduring the discussions.  

Along with the foreign experts, the Members of the Parliament (Milli Majlis), representatives of the State Migration Service, State Border Service, the State Migration Service of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, the Commissioner for Human Rights (Ombudsman) of the Republic of Azerbaijanand a number of higher education institutions, as well as representatives of other ministries and committees, academicians and representatives of the media attended the event.

In the end, Dr. Lala Ahmadova, the deputy director for scientific affairs of the Scientific-Research Institute on Human Rights once again emphasizing the importance of this workshop for Azerbaijan expressed her confidence on future contribution of these disscussed issues to the improvement of the existing legislation in this area.