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The Institute on Human Rights of ANAS held a presentation of the short documentary “Armenian vandalism in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan”


The Institute on Human Rights of ANAS held a presentation of  the short documentary  “Armenian vandalism in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan” on July 15, 2015.

A short documentary “Armenian vandalism in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan” was made within the framework of the project “Armenian vandalism in connection with the events in Turkey and European countries” of  thePublic Union “Organization for Protection of Historical and Cultural Monuments in the Occupied Territories of Azerbaijan”, with financial support of  the Council of State Support to Non-governmental Organizations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The film is about the replacements of ornamental images on the basilicas and monasteries of  the Christian era by Armenians  in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan. Presenting as Armenian churches of the monuments in these territories by Armenians is shown with special excitement.

In 2006, with the donations received from the church leaders of the state of California of the USA under the pretext of repairing the monument over again the Armenians placed in different parts of the walls 26 boards with inscriptions indicating belongingness of the monument to the Armenian Apostolic Church. 3 tombstones were erected in the right side of the courtyard and 2 stone crosses made of red basalt stone from Irevan were erected in front of the entrance door, and the facade of the building was replaced by the iron cover by Armenians. Thus, the film demonstrates the images about that the monument was deprived of its history, the original beauty of the interior and its astonishing view.

According to the information by168 HOURS Analytical Information Agency of the Republic of Armenia, 350 well-known intellectuals and prominent people of Armenia on June 24 2013addressed an open letter tothe President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan, the head of the Armenian community in Karabakh, separatists Bako Saakyan, Catholicos of All Armenians to protest against the shape change of Ganjasar monastery in Vangli village of Kalbajar region of Azerbaijan and called it an act of vandalism. Archival documents and images of existing building that reflects the realities is reflected in the film.

Film shows the usage of the elements belonging to Turkic-speaking peoples on the stone and wall paintings, as well as engravings of plot character related to Albanian period of architectural monuments, even the pre-Christian monuments cause the more damage of these monuments by Armenians. The main plot of the film is about that Armenians do not accept  the Turkic ornaments and symbols on the historical and cultural monuments in the areas where they settled. If they accept the ornament and symbols on the Albanian monuments, then Armenization of the monuments would not be possible.

Film shows evidences about that falsifacation of  the ornaments, elements, inscriptions on monuments in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan by Armenian government led to the loss of the first appearance of Albanian cultural monuments, and the gradual destruction and deletion of Albanian culture.

The representatives of several state agencies and organizations, as well as, ministries and media attended the event.