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Presentation of “Armenian Psychology” book


The new publication “Armenian Psychology” by the Scientific-research Institute on Human Rights of ANAS was presented on February 11, 2015.

The author of the book is the staff of the Institute, a well-known journalist Eldaniz Elgun and preface written by the director of Institute on Human Rights of ANAS, Doctor of laws, Member of National Parliament Aytan Mustafayeva.

In the book of “Armenian psychology" you will find answers to hundreds of questions you are looking for. This book is a perfect example to learn more about the Armenian community.

The book consists  of six chapters "Mass Psychology", "Armenian religious belief", "Armenian community culture", "Armenians in the World", "Psychology of Armenian women", "Psychology of Armenian men", and this book reveals the truth about falsification of the history, Armenia's periodic aggressive policy through deep study of the psychology of Armenians.

One of the interesting points and claims in the book is that principles of the  Armenian community psychology has actually developed beyond the community and  it has been adopted in this community through benefiting the possibilities of NLP system.

This, of course, raises the enthusiasm of myth and religious obedience in the community. In this regard, the author reveals many interesting comparisons.

Through this book we can see the adoption of  a number of Armenians’ habits  as a genetic code and  its complications.

Armenianism, the falsification of historical truth, their provocateur phsycology, aggressive communications and other  characters have been discussed in the book presentation. The issue of Armenian aggression against Azerbaijan touched upon.

Senior officials from various organizations, representatives of various agencies, academics, experts and researchers, as well as youth and the media representatives attended the event.