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Presentation of “The toponym of Armenia and Hayk people: sources of falsification” book


On December 16, 2014 Institute for Human Rightsof ANAS held the presentation of next publication of this scientific institution “The toponym of Armenia and Hayk people: sources of falsification” book. The presentation ceremony was attended by MPs, scientists, historians and mass media representatives. Event was opened by director of the institute, author of “Preface” of book, PhD in Law Ayten Mustafayeva who told about exposure of falsifications of the Armenian pseudo scholars, nationalists and ideologists trying to justify the aggressive occupational policy. Noted that published in Russian the new book by Abbas Islamov, senior researcher of Department of National Security and Armenian studies of the institute inform about Hike’s relation to Armenia, on their historical past, language, writing and the alphabet. Making speech in the event, vice-president of ANAS, academician Isa Habibbayliemphasized the importance of recognition of genocide acts against Azerbaijanians committed by Armenians by the world community and noted the importance of this book from this point of view. He noted that the country has carried out serious preparations against the Armenians 100th anniversary of the so-called “Armenian genocide”, which is scheduled for 2015: “On this occasion, have been sent appeals to international organizations. Our counter must be systematic”. Academician Isa Habibbeyli, noted that at the next meeting of the “Commission for Research of Genocide against Azerbaijanis”, established by ANAS was decided to take practical measures in connection with genocides that is planned to organize an international event on this topic, as well as the publication of the catalog of books, devoted to genocide: “Detection and issuing the necessary historical documents as a book is an important issue. Then author of the book Abbas Islamov made a report and noted that that all of the information included in the book, based on the facts and historical documents. Then Chief of Staff of the Ministry of National Security, Major General Farhad Vakhabov, director of Institute of Oriental Studies, corresponding member of ANAS Govhar Bakhshaliyeva, head of department of BSU, Professor Anar Isgenderli reported at the event and noted that the new work is a valuable source of information for fight against the Armenian falsifications.