Round table on the topic “Problems of employment of persons with disabilities”

The integration of people with disabilities into society and their social and domestic problems, as well as inclusive education, are among the priorities in the Republic of Azerbaijan.
The President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Mr. Ilham Aliyev, pays special attention to this category of citizens at the state level. At the same time, the First Lady of Azerbaijan, First Vice-President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Goodwill Ambassador of UNESCO and ISESCO Ms. Mehriban Aliyeva always shows great importance, which it devotes to social policy in its practical activities, and controls the social rights of people.
The Institute of Law and Human Rights of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan regularly deals with the protection of the rights of people with disabilities, conducts relevant research and legal expertise and organizes events.
As a continuation of this research, in January last year, the Scientific Council of the Institute of Law and Human Rights opened a Department called “The Rights of Persons with Disabilities”.
Over the past year, the department discussed a number of problematic issues related to the social rights of persons with disabilities, and made significant proposals to increase attention and care for people in this category.
On February 14, 2018, a round table entitled “Problems of employment of people with disabilities” was organized at the Institute of Law and Human Rights of ANAS to continue the work of this group, as well as organizing the next meeting of the department and discussing upcoming tasks.
The director of the Institute of Law and Human Rights of ANAS, Member of Parliament, Doctor of Law, Professor Aytan Mustafazade made an introductory speech at the event and stressed the importance of integrating people with disabilities into society and their employment, solving social and domestic problems, vocational training and employment in the Azerbaijan Republic.
The speaker stressed that the work done in this direction is under the constant control of the head of state, Mr. Ilham Aliyev, and stressed the importance of this issue in supporting the protection of human rights in our country.
Later, the event participants also discussed important issues related to the problems of employment, the social rights of people with disabilities and gave important suggestions.
The event was attended by members of the Committee on Labor and Social Policy of the Milli Majlis of the Azerbaijan Republic, responsible employees of the Department of Social Legislation, the Ministry of Education, Labor and Social Protection of the Population, as well as representatives of relevant government and non-governmental organizations.