The ceremony of awarding the medal and the certificate named “Professor R. Mustafayev”

On December 21, 2018 a ceremony of presentation of the medal and certificate named after prof. R. Mustafaev, established by the Institute and the International Foundation of Professor Rovshan Mustafayev was held in Institute of law and Human Rigths of ANAS. As is known, the late professor Rovshan Mustafayev was the first doctor of political science in the Caucasus and the author of a number of outstanding books revealing the true face of the Armenian people. Under his leadership, he developed and published a chronological encyclopedia "Terrorism of Armenian terrorism and crimes against humanity (XIX-XXI centuries)." In 2008, his latest book, Death Marches, was awarded the certificate of the International Press Foundation of Eurasia as the best scientific study of international terrorism in the year.

In 2018, the prize was awarded to the head of the International law department of ANAS, Doctor of Laws, Judge Ramin Afat oglu Gurbanov, for scientific research in various fields of law in research centers of several countries, creation of important systems for the judicial system of the Republic of Azerbaijan, such as "electronic court" and "electronic execution", a number of scientific publications on various fields of law, prepared jointly with Council of Europe scholars, for his worthy representation in the world and his election as the chairman of the European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice of the Council of Europe, for his historic contribution to relations between Azerbaijan and the Council of Europe its achievements in this area, also for a correct report to the world community in the broad sense of the Armenian-Azerbaijani Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, about falsification and appropriation of all Armenians arriving in the Caucasus region, disclosure of criminal activity, a criminal Armenian image, for merits in proving the fact that Armenia is an aggressor state, which does not comply with the norms and principles of international law with its irrefutable materials, with a great sense of honor to Shalala Hasanova, a researcher journalist for her favors, and for documentaries and materials about the genocide committed by Armenian terrorism and all the genocides committed by Armenians for over a hundred years, which are an integral part of international terrorism.