About us

The Institute of Law and Human Rights (the “Institute”) operates under the “Center for Legal Expertise and Legislative Initiatives” (the “Center”) as a public legal entity. From 1999 until May 2022, the Institute was part of the structure of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan.

The main goal of the Institute is to conduct scientific research in the field of law and human rights, prepare scientific and practical recommendations, as well as assist in the field of legal education, development and improvement of legislation.

The main activities of the Institute are as follows:

Provide scientific and practical support for the activities of the Center;

conduct scientific research and prepare scientific and practical recommendations on different areas of law;

participate in the improvement of legislation;

develop scientific and practical commentaries;

assess the impact of regulations on legislation and participate in relevant monitoring processes;

participate in the field of legal education;

support the improvement of knowledge and skills of government officials;

cooperate with international organizations and relevant foreign government agencies and study international experience.

In total, the Institute has 68 employees.